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industrial laser distance meters for non-contact distance measurements with optical technology

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Moisture measurement of waste paper bales

Moisture measurement of waste paper bales

The RP6 family humidity meters for recycled paper bales allow humidity to be measured quickly, reliably but above all manageable even by non-expert personnel. The system is based on the physical principle of capacitive coupling and allows for quick and accurate measurement of humidity inside the recycled paper bale by simply placing the instrument on the external surface of the bale. The instrument is equipped with a large and easily readable display even in poor lighting conditions (covered warehouses or holds) or in conditions of strong environmental or outdoor lighting. The instruments of the RP6 family are equipped with …

subway, train, control, position and speed

Monitoring the position of ships, trains and trucks in maneuvering areas

The measurement of the position of ships, trains, trucks and subways with LASER distance meters is now a widespread and consolidated application. In the context of Industry 4.0 and remote control, the use of LASER distance meters is becoming increasingly common for position control and non-contact measurement of the position of large objects. Among their many applications, we find the measurement of position, speed and distance of vehicles for the transport of people and goods. Thanks to their precision and speed, these tools represent a valid support for the logistic control and for the safety control of the …

silos tank level control of dust, grains and pellets

Level measurements with LASER distance meters

Industries such as plastic molding, food processing and building materials all rely on bulk materials stored in silos, tanks or tanks. The LDM42 Series Laser Level Measurers provide efficient level measurement in tanks, silos or large containers. The INNOVACHECK system offers automatic level display on remote monitors to facilitate monitoring, measurement and traceability of material levels…

measure the position of coil bridge cranes with laser distance meters

Measurement and control of the position of overhead cranes and cranes with LASER distance meters

Industrial laser distance meters are precision devices that can measure the non-contact position of an object. Thanks to their high accuracy, these instruments are particularly used in the Industry 4.0 sector for non-contact position and displacement control. The applications of the use of industrial laser distance meters are many: measuring the position of bridge cranes, measuring the movement of trolleys, verifying the alignment of portals, identifying the gripping point of cranes, controlling the movement of dynamic arms and many others. Thanks to their non-contact operation, these tools are able to ensure a high level of safety, preventing any accidental contacts between machines …

tube cutting measure length laser

Material cutting controlled by LASER distance meters

Cutting materials with high precision is an essential operation in various production sectors, from industry to crafts. Precisely for this reason it is important to have state-of-the-art measuring instruments, which can guarantee reliable and repeatable results over time. In this context, sensors represent a fundamental technology, in particular LASER distance meters. LASER sensors are non-contact measuring instruments that use a monochromatic and highly coherent light beam to carry out precise and rapid measurements at a distance. Thanks to their high precision, LASER sensors are used in numerous industrial sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, but also in …

large bridge measures vibrations and oscillations

Deformation, displacement and vibration measurements of large structures with LASER distance meters

Deformation measurement, vibration, displacement and deformation verification of large structures such as bridges, buildings and dams is an extremely important process to ensure their safety and structural integrity. An essential measuring tool in this process are LASER sensors, also known as LASER distance meters. LASER sensors are non-contact measuring instruments, which allow for extremely precise measurements of dimensional variations in different materials and structures. These sensors are able to detect even the smallest variations, even in the presence of vibrations and movements. LASER distance meters are able to calculate…

continuous casting measures high temperature

Control of the casting of molten materials with LASER distance meters

Controlling the casting of molten materials is a crucial phase of the industrial production process, as it has a direct impact on the quality of the final product. To get the best possible results, it is essential to use the most advanced and accurate measuring tools. In this context, LASER sensors are an ideal solution for non-contact measurement. LASER sensors are highly precise and reliable measuring instruments, used to detect variations in distance, displacement, orientation and shape of objects. LASER distance meters, in particular, are widely used in the metal industry, for the control of castings of …

construction lumber measures length of wood beams

Length measurement of bars, tubes and beams with LASER distance meters

Laser distance meters are essential for measuring the lengths of products made of bars, tubes or beams in compliance with the strict quality control standards required by Industry 4.0. LASER technology not only guarantees the absence of physical contact between the sensor and the material but also guarantees a high measurement speed. This feature makes the LASER distance meter suitable for measuring moving objects with the possibility of making the "flying cut" of the material. Thanks to the use of these sophisticated instruments, operators can carry out measurements with extreme precision and without any physical contact with the material of interest …

automatic warehouse measures trolleys position

Control of the position of trolleys and slides with LASER distance meters

The control of the position of trolleys and slides with LASER distance meters is one of the most used techniques in the industrial field for the non-contact measurement of moving objects in automatic warehouses and goods handling systems. In particular, these measuring instruments are very popular in the logistics and transport sector, where reliable positioning of moving parts is essential to ensure the quality of the goods picking and placing process. LASER distance meters are sensors capable of measuring the distance between two points with great precision without the need for physical contact. These …

dam barrier large structure

Large size measurement with LASER distance meters

LASER distance meter technology has been revolutionary for the measuring instruments sector. Thanks to the high-precision laser sensors, these instruments allow you to perform non-contact measurements on large dimensions. LASER sensors can accurately detect the distance between two points, allowing technicians to perform a wide variety of measurements, from simply checking the length, width, position and deformation of an object to creating detailed maps. In particular, LASER distance meters are widely used in the construction industry, on building sites and in the heavy carpentry sector, where it is necessary to perform …

paper roll coil production

Measurement of the diameter of coils and coils with winding control

Measuring the diameter of spools and coils is a fundamental process in many industrial sectors. For this reason, measuring instruments are essential to ensure the quality of the final product. The measurement of the diameter can be carried out with mechanical instruments such as calipers, micrometers or contact feelers but it is also possible to use measuring instruments that allow non-contact measurement. These instruments include triangulation LASER sensors and LASER distance meters. The triangulation LASER sensors are able to measure the diameter with a very high precision, thanks to their ability to detect even …

Radius and diameter measurement with archimeters

Radius and diameter measurement with archimeters

The DIACHECK-CT series digital radius and diameter gauge allows direct and instantaneous reading of internal or external radii or diameters in a range between 100 and 10000 mm. The DIACHECK-CT series high-precision digital radius and diameter gauge is designed to measure the radius of cylindrical objects such as pipes, profiles and calenders quickly and accurately. This measuring instrument allows the measurement of the radius of curvature or, of the internal or external diameter of a certain part using the method of measuring the circumference based on three points. Technical features …

RODER measures the thickness of skins and banner masterimage common products

Thickness measurement with fork feeler gauges for production lines

Thickness measurement is one of the main activities in manufacturing processes in industry and laboratory. The choice of the appropriate equipment is essential to ensure the precision required in the production process. An effective way to accurately measure thickness is to use contact-friendly thickness gauges, also known as digital contact gauges or contact micrometers. Contact thickness gauges are precise measuring instruments with a range of 0 to 300 millimeters (12″). They are equipped with touch probe systems that allow accurate and efficient thickness measurement. Furthermore, …

astech velocimeters for non-contact speed and length measurement

Speed ​​and length measurement without contact with optical instruments

Optical velocimeters are a vital tool for measuring speed and length on the production line. They are non-invasive devices that can accurately measure speed and distance in a short time. These instruments use optics, light sources and sophisticated electronics to measure speed accurately, without physical contact with the material being measured. They are mainly used in the process industry, but also have applications in other industries such as aerospace, electronics and medical products. An optical velocimeter can be used to measure both speed and length of the production line…

battery-powered portable strobe for preventative maintenance

Stroboscopes for high-speed optical analysis

Portable LED and Xenon stroboscopes have a big impact in high-speed optical analysis in production lines. These devices allow you to carry out preventive maintenance activities, the analysis of repetitive phenomena and slow vision. As changeover times on production lines become increasingly faster, the devices are able to provide a detailed view of production quality immediately after the line starts. The information that is acquired with this method can be used to increase the productivity of production lines, while reducing waste and costs. LED stroboscopes…

Ultrasonic thickness gauge for thickness and corrosion limit measurements

Ultrasonic thickness gauges for corrosion monitoring

Ultrasonic thickness gauges are a valuable tool for corrosion monitoring and quality control. These are devices that use ultrasound to measure the thickness of materials such as metals, alloys, plastics, and ceramic compounds. They are used in a variety of industrial fields ranging from corrosion analysis, thickness measurement, preventive maintenance, to pipeline analysis and tank thickness control. Ultrasonic thickness gauges allow you to determine structural integrity or structural integrity during structural and protective inspections. They also provide detailed information on the internal condition of the examined material and can identify any problems…

torquemeters for caps for screwing and unscrewing force measurements on bottles and flasks

Measure the cap torque of containers and bottles with cap torque transducers

Cap torque meters for measuring the tightening torque, both during screwing and unscrewing, of bottle caps, barrels, containers, jars, bottles, containers and cans. Cap torque meters for measuring the tightening torque, both during screwing and unscrewing, of bottle caps, barrels, containers, jars, bottles, containers and cans. The CAP-TT01 series cap torque transducers are designed to measure cap tightening and cap removal torque up to 11,5 Nm (100 lbFin). Adjustable stands effectively hold a wide range of shapes and sizes in place…

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The INNOVACHECK team of technicians is not limited to the presentation of a simple commercial proposal but extends to consultancy and support for the creation of "turnkey" applications or for the definition of data acquisition architectures.

The applications addressed can be in the industrial field, in the research and development sector or in the metrological laboratory.

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Innovation in process measurement and control

INNOVACHECK offers sensors, transducers, measuring instruments and measurement systems for industrial applications, process control, metrology laboratories or for research and development. The proposed technologies can be integrated into the production system and connected with IT systems for management compatible with Industry 4.0 technologies.

INNOVACHECK is the ideal partner for the study and implementation of measurement and data acquisition systems in the production sector or in research and development laboratories.

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The technologies proposed by INNOVACHECK are the most innovative on the market and selected among the major world producers of measuring instruments and technologies.


INNOVACHECK offers measuring instruments and sensors with technical and application consultancy from the first contact with the customer.


INNOVACHECK's mission does not end with the commercial proposal but also continues with post-sales support, integration assistance and operational maintenance of the proposed products.

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